Being an effective business platform, Ukraineb2b created and built up their translation assets. Therefore, today Ukraineb2b platform unites a team of professional translators. We are not a simple translation agency or translation company, we are better, we are practical business translators. Our main services are business consulting for foreigners in Ukraine, thanks to this practical experience; our translations have accuracy, completeness and professionalism.
We provide translation services for areas: English-Russian (EN-RU), Russian-English (RU-EN), English-Ukrainian (EN-UA), Ukrainian-English (UA-EN). We specialize in translation from various subjects: the economic, technical, legal, medical translation, website translation. Our advantage is the urgent translations from / into English, from / into Russian, from / into Ukrainian. At the urgent translation cost is increased by 20%. In our job, we adhere to the following principles:
• Individual approach to each client
• High professional translators
• The quality of translation
• The use of the latest software
• Clear deadlines
• Privacy and security of translation of documents.
Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Since we have individual approach to each client, and we are not simple translation agency, we can together with you establish the principles of cooperation, the timing and even the prices, under certain conditions. We always strive for win-win interaction with the customer. Payment of our services can be made by bank transfer, Western Union, Moneybookers. We accept EUR and USD.
OUR PRICE : All translations (including urgent and standard) cost 10 USD / page or 8 EUR / page. Under Page's standard is meant to 1800 characters, including spaces.  
          ATTENTION: For the first translation we offer a 20% discount.
For translations, please contact:
Nataliia Sakhatska

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